Ss2qual proceeds from the meeting of two wills: that of our president Roger Teulade, to build a demanding offer of advice in quality management, and that of our general manager Daniel Owsiejewicz, to propose the skills of Quality experts for transition management missions.

Our aim

To promote a demanding vision of total quality and proven management methods in the automotive industry.

Our strenghs

The originality of our offer combining advice and transition management allows us to be particularly agile in the response we bring to our clients’ issues. We have the capacity to diagnose, to make recommendations, and we also have the resources to implement them operationally.

Our goal

To help our clients to deploy in a coordinated manner, approaches to improve at the same time the satisfaction of their client, their staff and their financial management. Above all, we would like to propose an original and pragmatic approach to help organizations strengthen their operational performance and, above all, develop their business.