Hire a transition manager

A solution as close as possible to your issues

Departure of one of your employees, crisis situation,  development issue, our experts carry out in a few days the analysis of your challenges, in order to offer you a tailor-made transition management solution.

Our analysis takes into account your needs in terms of skills, experience, but also adaptability to your corporate culture.

An expert immediately operational

Our transition managers are renowned for their business expertise. They are selected by our teams on the basis of demanding criteria, taking into account their technical skills, their personality and their success.

Whatever your industry and your issue, we have the right talent.

Personalized follow-up by our partners

From the integration of the transition manager within your teams until the delivery of the deliverables, we pay particular attention to compliance with the defined specifications. Regular monitoring and communication with our partners is the key to our effectiveness.

Our experts network

Our immediate network is first in the automotive sector, and more broadly in the industrial sector. It is structured for example in the automobile, around former collaborators or colleagues of our president, Roger TEULADE.

Our experts have strong management and quality management experience in all our areas of expertise. They put their talents at the service of our clients, on strategic projects.

Professional expertise

Quality Director
Our Quality experts work within your organizations to guarantee the Quality Assurance of your products and services and to facilitate your Management System.

Agile Coach

Our agile coaches support organizations in their approach to change management. They operate over a specified period of time in order to deploy the agile culture within organizations, among your employees.

Complex Projects Pilot

Our experts manage your projects from the perspective of Quality – Cost – Time, in a specialized or global approach, according to your needs.

Workpackages leader

Our workpackage leaders prepare the implementation of workpackages, in coordination with the manufacturer’s technical and support functions. Their role is to facilitate this partnership, relying in particular on the manufacturer’s Business Drivers, in order to produce the requested deliverables, within a limited time.

FAQ Transition Managers

Why asking for SS2Qual?

  • To:Help you lead your strategic project
    Taking charge of a crisis situation
    Take charge of change management
    Replace one of your managers at the drop of a hat
    Give you time to recruit the right employee

What approach?

  1. You have a need: our partners meet with you to qualify your need.
  2. We have the right expert: we run a large network, including former industry executives.
  3. You choose: we present you between 2 and 3 experts, you choose the one that seems most relevant to you.
  4. We accompany you: our role continues after the start of the mission. We provide regular support to each of our transition managers on assignment.

What timeframe?

We offer you the start-up of a transition manager in your company, within 10 days.