Becoming SS2Qual's consultant

High added value missions

Our consultants work on high-stakes missions. They receive regular support from one of our partners. This support as well as the diversity of the missions that we propose, allows our consultants to quickly increase in skills.

In addition, we regularly offer training courses to our employees.

We greatly value the sharing of experiences, particularly through the holding of internal events, but also through mentoring, the cardinal value of our company.

Your opinion matters!

We promote a horizontal management system in order to develop a cross-cutting culture. Each of our employees is fully involved in making major decisions. More importantly, we want to make each of our consultants co-actors in our development.We encourage co-optation, and intrapreunariation.

Joining Ss2qual means joining an organization on a human scale where your added value is recognized.

How to apply?

  • To apply, simply fill in the form below and attach an updated version of your CV.
  • Each application is thoroughly reviewed by our human resources teams. We are committed to responding to you as soon as possible.