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A sector that must manage its growth

The aviation industry is experiencing strong growth. It is estimated that the global civil aviation fleet will double by 2035! This growth raises as many questions as it opens up a perspective for the players in the sector.

“Flying taxis”, helicopter service on demand… the growth and innovations promised to the aviation sector seem limitless. However, these possibilities urge the players in the aeronautics sector to make real changes, to take the train of this growth.

In particular, this requires an ever more pronounced mastery of the supply chain, and the deployment of new methodologies, made possible by the rise in the exploitation of big data and artificial intelligence. For example, the implementation of predictive maintenance is a major development axis for manufacturers, which will eventually accelerate production rates.

To do this, it is necessary to develop a global vision, which allows to anticipate each stage of the production process. To improve performance, the value chain is evolving. A number of groupings operate ex, ZODIAC recently passed under control of SAFRAN. Others will come about, always with a view to continuously improving productivity.