SS2Qual is a consulting firm, in the field of OperationalExcellence. We specialize in managing quality-oriented projects.

Our consultants work on transition management or consulting assignments, within the quality teams and management, in all sectors of the industry: automotive, aeronautics, energy, rail, luxury…

They set up global management systems to improve business performance and quality in all its forms, at all levels.

Our raison d’être: To help our customers deploy in a coordinated way, steps to simultaneously improve the satisfaction of their customer,their staff and their staff financial management. Above all, we want to offer an original and pragmatic approach to help organizations to strengthen their operational performance but also, and above all, to develop their business.

Our values: results culture, excellence, intrapreunariat, adaptability…

Our know-how and methodologies earn us the trust of our customers and contribute to the influence of SS2Qual in the sector of Management By Quality.

SS2Qual was born out of the desire of Roger Teulade, a recognized quality expert, and Daniel Owsiejewicz, computer scientist and developer, to propose an Original And Pragmatic Approach to help organizations strengthen their performance operational but also, and above all, to develop their business.